What is a Virtual World?

It's probably easier to say what a virtual world isn't first. In general, virtual worlds are non-competitive, meaning they are not a game in the sense that you can "win". There is no specific goal other than enjoyment.

A virtual world is an environment where people can share and participate in 3-D creations. You can simply explore what others have made, just hang out or, if inclined, build your own dream.

How can I get to Bernicia World?

Firstly, you will need a suitable viewer (similar to a browser but designed specifically for virtual worlds. We recommend Firestorm Viewer, which can be downloaded here..
Be sure to get the Opensim (OS) version, not the Second Life (SL) version as the SL viewer will not allow connection to other virtual worlds.

A: The Easy Way

1.    Join Bernicia World directly by clicking here

2     You will need to let me know that you have registered as membership is by approval only.
I'm on UK time, so it could take time to get approval. Contact: zoe.synclair@gmail.com

3.    Open Firestorm and go to preferences [Ctrl P] before logging into any gridand go to the left menu and click "Opensim"
Then, in the blank box type or copy and paste the following:
Then click "Apply"

4.    After you have received your approval email, you will be able to log into Bernicia World using the username and password you set up 

*We recommend that you do NOT use a password that you use for any other site and that you use an alias if you want privacy.

B: The simpler way
Join another Virtual World that is Hypergrid enabled and then open up your MAP (not the mini map) and type in the following:
[Coming Soon We have a list of virtual worlds that accept direct membership on our links page ]

C: The advanced way
Run your own virtual world on your own computer, giving you total control over everything that happens there. 
We will be having articles on how to do it, with tutorials here
But if you can't wait, you can download DreamGrid Here and follow the instructions (Windows Only).

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