Four stop tour of Northern Bernicia Prime

With Zoe Synclair
Posing with Ralph

A beautiful walk in Bernicia Northern Parkland. I took this picture with Ralph, one of our poser horses. There are poser horses scattered around Bernicia so you can take beautiful pictures with our equine friends.

Uzuri Town Square

The town of UZURI is a great shopping area for freebies. Did you know that UZURI is Swahili for "beauty" or "Goodness"?
I first built the central building back in 2012 or thereabouts.

Shameless Plug

Synclair Designs is my store where I sell (for free) things I have made or textured especially for Opensim. Some are authorised imports from SL. Permission to use them was granted on condition that they are Copy No Transfer. The store is located in Uzuri Town Square, next to the Market. Sorry, I couldn't resist the plug :)

Northern Beach

For all the beach combers and beach bums  out there, the Northern Beach is a beatuful restful place. Remember, if you can't find anywhere to sit, you can rez your own seats or blankets! (Just remember to put them in your suitcase before you leave home and to take them when you leave)

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